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2018 Survey Results

The online salary calculator data is dynamic, changing to reflect the latest updates as respondents complete the survey.  

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Use the combo to update values on average hourly values and/or satisfaction. Additionally, you can select to adjust it by Cost of Living.

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The original survey was conducted for EMS World by the EMS Survey Team using the SNAP Survey platform. Surveys were sent to EMS World’s e-mail subscribers list.
In total 47,056 surveys were sent, with 2,140 responses returned. There were 202 respondents who took the survey online via the EMS World website.
All participants were required to enter a valid e-mail address to ensure authentic responses. If an e-mail address was not provided, the respondent could not complete the survey.
Participants were asked to complete the survey only for themselves, not on behalf of anyone else, and were asked to select the position that most accurately described their primary role.
Analysis of state data found that approximately one-third of states had fewer than 30 responses. This limits the ability to draw broad conclusions about those states.

EMS Survey Team thanks the Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University, which assisted with data review, and Roguebotic, which provided supporting graphics, illustrations, and visualizations of the findings.